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Spinach Artichoke Melts

by zirbirt

Spinach and artichoke cooked into a creamy dip, then combined with a bit of chicken and some good bread and finally grilled makes for a fine meal on it's own. Add to that the bonus of lots of leftover dip for snacking and you have a dinner that really makes sense.
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Takeout Tuesday: The Big ZirbEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 9/2/2015

My own interpretation of the ever popular Big Mac. Main difference here, is that this one is actually edible.

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Hamburger StroganoffEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 8/18/2015

A simple, hearty dinner that you can make any night.

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Easy Mode: Gyro-umsEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 6/5/2015

Sometimes you want a dinner you can make in 10 minutes. For me Grilled cheese, sandwiches, and Salad often fit that bill. Sometimes though, I want something with a little more flavor, but not more work. These 10 minute Gyros are just the answer.

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Chicken and DumplingsEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 9/3/2015

A very simple straight forward way to make basic chicken and dumplings. The star here are the dumplings, which are light, fluffy and full of flavor.

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PizzaEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 6/13/2015

What can I say? Pizza.. from scratch, with a few cheap ingredients.. a great dinner!

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MulligatawnyEveryday Meals

by Marian The M(?) | 11/17/2015

This is an originally Tamil soup that contains a lot of vegetables, coconut milk and rice and so is almost a stew. It's a bit complicated, and it takes a log time, but it's great for reheating and is great for one of those things you leave stewing all afternoon.

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Cheesy Chicken and Mushroom with Roasted BroccoliEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 6/26/2015

A few basic components come together to make a very creamy and delicious dinner.

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Chicken Fried Steak and GravyEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 6/16/2015

That old country classic.. No real recipe to it, just some steps. This very easy to make dinner has a wonderful blend of Creamy sauce, crisp crust and very tender meat, if done right.

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Takeout Tuesday: Sweet and Sour ChickenEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 7/22/2015

A very easy to make and very delicious version of sweet and sour chicken. Once you try this, you will never look at Chinese takeout the same way again.

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Taco Tuesday: Chicken ChimichangasEveryday Meals

by zirbirt | 7/8/2015

It's chicken Chimichangas, Zirbirt Style.. Not sure what else to say, but they were delicious!

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Monthly Challenge

July Challenge - Booty Bay Chili Cookoff

This months challenge is to make chili. Yes, it is that simple, make chili.

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Most cooking sites and food blogs tend to favor elaborate recipes that requires a lot of skill, some luck and hard to find ingredients. As a home cook, I know how difficult it can be to find simple meals that you can easily prepare for your family on a daily basis. Because of this we get caught in a rut of making the same meals over and over, or worse relying on frozen and packaged foods to keep our family fed.

The goal of Cooking Skillups is to give us normal home cooks a place to share recipes, ideas and experiences; as well as successes and even failures. So together we can help each other figure out new, cost effective and delicious ways to bring joy to our dinner tables.

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