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Weekly Site Updates Monday, May 18, 2015

Some new features have been added this week. Including home page Featured Recipes as well as working navigation, and sorting by poster. Also, social networking shares and comment have been added to the postings. For more information, read more...

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Weekly Site Updates Monday, May 18, 2015

by zirbirt

Some features are starting to take shape on this site. There is still a lot to do, but it is definitely moving in the right direction. Here is a quick list of what is new this week and what I will be working on next.

This weeks changes/additions

  • Lots of bug fixes in registration, login and posting. If you do run across a big, please post it here, or email it to me at
  • Improved image optimization for postings, so posting images are better optimized for fast loading on all devices.
  • Improved design scale down for mobile (still more to do but it doesn't look as horrible)
  • Added Social shares to individual postings
  • Added Comments to individual postings
  • Added sorting to posting listings, and assigned site navigation.
  • Added feature posting to the top of the home page (I know we all will miss the ugly pizza image)
  • Added poster username to listing of postings, actual postings and link in posting to "all user postings"

What's next (this week)

  • Bugs.. obviously
  • registered user bios (image and description) this will show on the right pane of your blog postings
  • User's newest recipe listing (will show under the bio on your posting)
  • Newest Recipes (To show in grey band below postings and on home page)
  • Help page and contact form
  • Footer Links
  • Advance the my account page to give more options with postings.

There, of course is a lot more to do, but I'm trying to manage the work by priority and in smaller weekly chunks.

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