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Pulled Pork, Apartment Version

While our very own Zirbirt has posted his excellent looking version of pulled pork, there are many ways to go about making this tasty meal. This version is for people who, like myself, lack space and the tools to make pulled pork in a BBQ or smoker, and has the added benefit of being able to be left to cook while you're at work, so you can come home to a delicious supper for minimal effort.


Pulled Pork, Apartment Version

by Razwick

So I usually make this recipe when I want delicious left overs for a solid week, and thus, I generally use a pretty large amount of pork, but this recipe will work with whatever amounts you want to use, it's not very specific, and it's pretty versatile. It's also very saucy, and really simple.

What you'll need:

Your choice cut of pork
1 onion
Approx. 2 cups of root beer
Up to 2 types of your favourite BBQ sauce.

First off, start by chopping a whole onion up, you can mince it if you want, but usually I leave the rings mostly intact, as it adds a nice texture. Then, put your pork into the crock pot, and add the onions, if you'd like you can put half the onions in before the pork so there's more coverage, but all the flavours end up pretty well combined anyway. Now, you're going to want to add about a third of the total BBQ sauce that you're going to end up using, 1.5 cups is usually what I go for, but whatever you're comfortable with will work. The sauce can be a little tricky because it's so subjective, but I usually use two types total, with about a 2:1 ratio, but only add one when you're initially setting up the crock pot. I use a 'pulled pork starter sauce' for the larger portion of sauce, which is very similar to most generic bbq sauces that you'll find, and hickory bullseye for the smaller portion. Again, you can use whatever you'd like, just make sure the flavours don't totally clash with each other. Once you've added your sauce, pour in the root beer, if you'd like to add salt, pepper, or any other spices, now would be the time to do it, I just used salt and pepper this time. Set it to cook on medium for about 6 hours.

If you are doing this while you're at home, I'd recommend checking on/stirring it every two hours or so, but this is definitely not required. After 5.5-6 hours of cooking, drain the sauce/fat/root beer liquid from the crock pot. This is the point at which I usually begin pulling the meat apart, I don't have the pleasure of owning an awesome set of those meat claws that Zirbirt used, but a pair of forks works pretty well for this.

(apologies for the crappy, blurry photo)

Now, add the rest of your BBQ sauce and mix it in well. Once everything is mixed, you're going to let it cook on low (or even just the 'warm' setting) for another half hour to make sure everything is warm and the let the sauce settle into the meat a bit. Once that's done, you're ready to serve your pulled pork!

I find that it's best eaten on a fresh kaiser, and I like to add some ranch sauce on mine, it's a winning combination!

This is an extremely simple recipe, all you need is the time to let it cook, though I really do recommend leaving it while you're at work and checking on it over lunch if you have the option. Weekends work just as well, but then you have to endure 6 hours of smelling BBQ pork before you can eat it. Enjoy!

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