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Sweet and Salty Meatloaf

I love meatloaf. I like it the day it is meatloaf, and the next day, when it is sandwiches. I do not like meatloaf that needs ketchup on top. So way back before putting bacon on everything was actually a thing, I came up with this meatloaf... and was called crazy.

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Sweet and Salty Meatloaf

by zirbirt

Years ago, I kept experimenting with meatloaves to try to get one that I really liked. You see I like meatloaf, but exceptional meatloaf is pretty rare. Also, I really do not like any meatloaf that needs ketchup. So, I came up with my 3 varieties of meatloaf.. The sweet and salty, the hot and tangy and the sweet and spicy. The funny thing is, when I came up with this, way before bacon started getting put on everything. I did wrap it in bacon and everyone asked me, back then, if I had my cardiologist on hand. To this day, I still do not.

Sweet and Salty Meatloaf:
2 lb 80/20 ground beef
1 lb bacon
1 medium onion
1 packet onion soup mix
3 cloves garlic diced
2 eggs
1/3 cup BBQ sauce (plus more for squirting)
1 cup plain bread crumbs
Salt and Brown sugar

To begin I diced 1 onion. Then laid it on a clean tea towel. I then twisted the towel and squeezed as much of the juice out of the onion as possible.

All that juice is from 1 onion...

I then take the onion and 2 lbs of beef and stick them in a large bowl.

I add in the soup mix, the eggs, the garlic, and the barbeque sauce.

Then the breadcrumbs and a few dashes of salt (not too much the soup mix is a bit salty as well).

I just mix that up with both hands.. until it is thoroughly combined.

I set that aside and pull out my bacon. I want to split my bacon into 2 nearly equal groups. My package had 13 slices. So, in the first group, I used six slices and in the second I used 7.

I lay the first group down vertically with about 1/3 of the width of a slice of bacon between them.

Starting from the back, I take a slice of bacon and run it basket weave style (over one, under the next, over next, under) horizontally across the slices.

I then take all the vertical slices that are under that 1 slice and fold them back.

Then lay the next slice down, and pull those folded back slices back over it.

I continue doing this, always folding back whatever slices are under the previous slice, until all the bacon is woven in.

I then take all of my meat mixture and spread it evenly over this bacon lattice. I also squirt on some more bbq sauce.. and sprinkle a bit of salt on there.

I then roll it up.

I tuck the ends as best I can, then place it on a rack in a foil lined pan.

Now, I rub the entire loaf with salt.. then I rub it with a generous amount of brown sugar.

I then toss this in a 375 degree oven for about an hour...

I then squeeze on a bit more BBQ sauce.. and let it glaze for about 10 minutes.. and it is done.

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