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Leftover Cheese Steak Sandwich

Just a standard cheese steak sandwich, ingredients sauteed with beer. Nothing fancy here, but damn good.Inspired by @LarGand of BlizzWatch!

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Leftover Cheese Steak Sandwich

by ClintL

Problem: Deep freeze was left open overnight. All your frozen steaks are now thawed steaks.


Problem 2: What to do with all these steaks??

Solution 2: Consult the Queue, wait for @LarGand to deliver an easy Cheese Steak solution.

This day started out bad. Wife was understandably upset that the freezer got left open all night. Now we have all this meat we gotta cook or trash. I chose a 9:00am grill session on a Saturday that lasted about 2 hours considering the opening of packages and cleanup of a deep freeze (a disaster that most of us face at some point). Ended up with so much extra steak even after I had my fill for breakfast and lunch that I needed something to do with them. Fellow BlizzWatcher @LarGand suggested to saute up some onions and peppers and make a cheese steak sandwich. That idea was the start of something delicious and simple.


Steak (6-9oz), any cut really (mine happened to be cube steak)

1x Full bodied beer (Boulevard unfiltered Wheat was my choice)

2x Bell Pepper (any color)

1/2 onion, thick cut (more or less depending on your affinity for onions)

1x loaf of French bread

4x slices of cheese (Provolone/Baby Swiss was my choice)

1/4 stick butter

Olive Oil


Cut your peppers and onions into 1/4 inch wide strips, set aside. Cut your leftover cooked steak of choice into thin strips, mine were about 1/4 inch strips and worked great. Cut meat/veggies to your desired thickness if 1/4 inch is too small/big for you.

Steak, 1x yellow, 1x red pepper, 1/2 onion cut into 1/4

Once you have everything cut, time to place the olive oil and half the butter in the pan and warm it up. I like medium-low heat initially when starting out. I cooked the onions about 2 minutes before the peppers because I like caramelized onions and a little bit more crispness to my peppers. Placing them in at the same time will get you soft veggies on both, but experiment to find what you like best!

Once onions have the head start (still mostly white for me), move to the side and dump in the peppers. At this point, I lightly salt and pepper with a light drizzle of olive oil before stirring and placing a lid on the pan.

At this point, open the beer and drink at least half of it to ensure it's of good quality. It may take two or three to be certain, don't chance it on just testing one. Be sure and use a bottle opener with your favorite team on it as well or it won't taste as good.

After verifying beer is of good quality, begin to pour about 1/4 of the beer into the pan.

Stir the veggies around to ensure none are sticking to the bottom and replace cover to help trap the now beer flavored steam into the ingredients. I have no actual times or measurements really, just check it every couple minutes while enjoying your beer and if the bottom of the pan is dry, pour more beer in, stir and replace cover.

After the onions are getting close to caramelized and the peppers are still mostly crisp, I slide them out onto a temporary plate. I then placed my leftover steak that was cold into the pan to heat up as it had been in the fridge all day after steakageddon this morning.

I used maybe a teaspoon of Olive Oil and the rest of the butter (1/8 stick at most) and began to reheat the steak strips I cut earlier. The pan began to dry up so I poured another 1/4 beer in to help keep from sticking and replaced the cover.

Once all the beer has been absorbed, slide the reheated steak strips onto the same plate you placed the veggies as you will be dumping them all back in after the next optional step.

(Optional - Toasted bread)
Toasting bread is not a big deal on dry sandwiches and usually makes them worse in my opinion. However, on a more savory/wet sandwich, I consider it essential for that extra crunch. If you like completely soggy sandwiches that's great! But, in my opinion, there's nothing better than taking a hand-made french dip that you toasted the bread on, dipping it in the au jus made from the roast beef you just cooked and placed on said sandwich, then having that amazing combo of soggy bread on the outside filled with au jus plus the crunch of the inner liner of the bread that you toasted to perfection.

(I think I found my next entry....)

Anywho...Toast your bread of choice, in my case today - a real thick French loaf was what I found. Cut the loaf into a size that will fit nicely into your pan for toasting. Be sure to butter each side of the bread before you place it in the pan. It's not a bad idea to melt a little extra butter in the pan before placing your buttered bread down.

It should take less than a minute to toast properly without burning. Pick up each piece and see where it's not toasting properly. Place back on pan and press down over that portion. You should end up with something similar to the image below. You don't want it burnt, but looking at these (for example) you can see they are not completely toasted. To rectify, I buttered the back end of the one on the left again and pressed down against the pan for 15-30 seconds to get the proper sear/toast.

After you have toasted your bread (or not, completely optional remember!) replace the veggies and steak into the pan. Probably a good idea to pour another 1/4 beer into the pan to keep everything from sticking. Stir and then replace the cover. If you are unsure the beer is still good, might be best to finish drinking it and open another. For freshness, of course.

At this point, you are pretty much done. Congratulate yourself, have another beer. This is where you continue to cook the ingredients until they are to your preferred texture. I kept cooking mine until I had fully caramelized onion and just ever so slightly crunchy peppers. Steak was already fully cooked so that was not an issue. Remember - if it starts to get dry, pour more beer in, stir then cover. Test every minute or two until you are happy.

Once you are happy with your textures, get your bread, foil, cheese ready. You will be wrapping the completed sandwich once you put it together to soften the bread from the steamy filling (if you toasted the inside, that will still be crunchy!).

Once your foil, bread and cheese are ready divide your portions up in the pan and place your cheese on top of each. Replace cover until cheese melts.

Once the cheese has melted, move to the bread using a spatula. Careful though, it's damn hot and hard to handle while positioning on the bread. You don't have to get all of it on there, but as long as you get most of it before you place the top section on and wrap it up, you should be set.

Now wrap it up tight and you are done. You cannot believe what is in store for you in the next few minutes.

Take this time to catch up with your favorite websites....

If you want extra flavor you can pour some more beer on the foil like I did.

Just kidding of course, I wouldn't waste beer like that and neither should you. However, after the LarGand approved 3 minute wait period, this thing came out just as delicious as expected.

This sandwich is legit. I just wish I had a better camera besides my phone to take clearer pictures. This is something that is so easy to toss together that anyone can do it. It takes no specific timing or seasoning really, just cook until you like the texture and add a little beer, salt/pepper to taste while cooking.

That's it. No seriously, that's it.

Overall, I'm almost glad my deep freeze decided to pop open last night. This was such a delicious and easy sandwich to put together, I'm slightly embarrassed I haven't done so sooner. The only thing I would change would be to use MORE cheese when you pile the ingredients on the sandwich. Two slices is not enough if you like it extra gooey. Other than that, it's perfect.

Thanks to LG for the initial idea. Made for a great Saturday evening. If you are ever in SW MO, I will gladly make you this sammich.



Posted by: ClintL

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