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Takeout Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken

A very easy to make and very delicious version of sweet and sour chicken. Once you try this, you will never look at Chinese takeout the same way again.

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Takeout Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken

by zirbirt

Most people have had takeout sweet and sour chicken. It's usually comprised of small pieces of chicken with a way over proportioned amount of tempura or breading... and some strange red sauce. It's not exciting, it doesn't taste very good, and the texture is usually pretty bad as well. Why do we keep eating this stuff?

The great thing about sweet and sour chicken is, it's really easy to make. I mean very easy. There are only a few ingredients, and the results are a heck of a lot better than what you get at some takeout place.

Sweet and Sour Chicken
2 large or 4 small boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt & pepper
1/4 cup flour
3 Tbs Cooking Oil

6-7 small sweet peppers (or bell peppers)
1 can pineapple chunks (juice and chunks separated)
5 Tbs brown sugar
4 Tbs vinegar (rice wine is best, but any vinegar will do)
1/3 cup chicken broth or stock
2 Tbs cornstarch, mixed with 2 Tbs water

I begin by trimming any excess fat or skin off my chicken breasts. I then cube the chicken into bite size pieces and put them into a bowl.

I sprinkle it with a dash of kosher salt, and some pepper. Then toss to get it evenly coated.

I then add my 1/4 cup of flour, and toss until the chicken is fully coated.

I heat my large skillet with the 3 Tbs of oil in over medium high heat (about 6 or 7). I want to let this get a bit hot. Once it is hot, I lay my chicken in, 1 piece at a time ensuring every pieces is touching the pan (not piled up).

I then cook it for several minutes, then toss, then cook then toss.. I continue doing this until the chicken is fully cooked and beginning to brown.

Once done, I remove the chicken from the pan, leaving any remaining oil in the pan.

Now to prep my peppers. I choose to you small sweet peppers. You can use bell peppers, in green and red, but I really do not like bell peppers. I just find the flavor awful.. Sweet peppers I actually do like. I don't believe in adding things I don't like to a dish just because it makes the dish pretty.. I don't even like adding things I will just tolerate. If I add something to a dish, its usually because I actually like it... or like the way it works in that dish.

I cut the stems off my peppers, remove the seeds and pods, then chop them into medium sized pieces. Something I can pick up with a chopstick, but not so big I get a mouth full of them. Then toss them in my pan still over medium high heat.

I am a bit miserly when it comes to the peppers. I do like the flavor these add, but I don't want the whole dish to be about that flavor. Adding about double this amount of peppers would probably look a lot prettier, but, for me, it wouldn't taste quite as good.

I simply toss and cook the peppers for about 2-3 minutes, letting them get a little soft.

In the meantime, I open my can of pineapple chunks and drain the juice into a measuring cup. I should get about 3/4 cup of juice, if you get less, just add a bit of water to bring it up to 3/4 cup.

The drained pineapple chunks then get tossed in with the peppers.

I just toss these about a bit until they get just a little bit brown.

Once the pineapples get just a bit brown, I then add in my juice, brown sugar, vinegar and chicken stock.

I stir this up and bring it to a boil over medium high heat. Once it is boiling I bring the heat down to just below medium and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

I take my 2 Tbs of cornstarch and add it to a bowl, and add in 2 Tbs of water. I mix that with a fork until it looks like milk. I then pour that into my mixture and let it come back up to a boil.

Finally I toss my chicken back into the mix and let it simmer for about 5 more minutes.

My sweet and sour chicken is done. I simply put some rice in a bowl and scoop some of this on top. This makes about 4 servings of sweet and sour chicken.

Hope you enjoyed this posting, as always, thanks for reading!

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