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I Made Some Stuff That Zirbirt Made First

Zirbirt's recipes as prepared by a significantly less talented cook. That is, me, I can't even fry rice. Included: Alliance burgers, really sad fried rice, bacon wrapped meatloaf

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I Made Some Stuff That Zirbirt Made First

by Razwick

Alliance Burgers: I'm not going to include the recipes for these since Zirbirt's already got you covered for that, but I will say that these were absolutely delicious, I highly recommend giving them a try!
Recipe found here:

Changes I made: I couldn't find fried onions, so that made me a little sad, I would have enjoyed the crunch.
I used Fort Garry Dark in the Bronzebeard sauce instead of a lighter beer.
I added some bread crumbs and an egg to the burger patties just because I have a bit of a recipe I usually use for burgers/etc.
Used cheddar because it's the only cheese I had at the time.

I also completely screwed up the texture for the mayo/sauce part, so they're somewhat lacking in that department.

Anyway, I made the sauces, and seriously wish I'd made more, because this Bronzebeard sauce stuff is good. Like, really really good.

I also made some really fat patties, and since I don't have a griddle, I just did cooked them up in a frying pan, so they ended up less coated in the sauce and more swimming in it. I could definitely have boiled the sauce a bit longer to make it come out thicker.

As you can see I fried the left over onions and garlic from the first step of the sauce while I was frying the patties, which most likely contributed to the 'soup' that I ended up with here. But they were a good topping!

Ultimately this was really delicious. Only changes I would probably have made would be 1) thinner patties, 2) include those fried onions, 3) toss a piece of lettuce on there, this thing got pretty damn meaty. I would also happily slap a couple slices of bacon on this, I don't think it's needed at all, but it certainly wouldn't hurt it.

Zirbirt's was prettier.

Fried Rush Mush: I love fried rice, I've totally made fried rice before, I think I picked the wrong type of rice this time, because that shit would just not become anything other than mush. Tasty mush, but still mush.
Recipe found here:

Changes I made: I added carrots and used ham.

This part went well, I just fried all the stuff that wasn't rice, pretty hard to screw that up!

And then I fried the rice and it was terrible, so you don't get to see that part. Here's the results, it didn't look nearly as sad as it actually was, originally, so I fixed that for you:

Zirbirt's was definitely better.

Bacon Loaf! I saved the best for last, it's really hard to screw up meatloaf, and even harder to screw it up when you're wrapping bacon around it.
Recipe found here:

Things I changed: I used my leftover Bronzebeard sauce instead of BBQ sauce, which is where I definitely could have made it thicker, so I'll try that next time I make it.

Meat loaf is simple, bacon weaves are somewhat more complex, but I definitely don't regret doing it, it was kind of fun. Slap some meat and some sauce on there and we're good to go!

The folding part was a bit of a challenge, as was every part of the process where I had to move it, but it worked out pretty well. Though I did have to stuff some bacon tails into the end of it so they didn't fall off, since I'd ended up with a bit more bacon than fit in the weave so I just kinda plopped them down on the edges.

Swaddled meat baby.

Roast that sucker, let it glaze, and voila!

Sorry for the crap picture. This was delicious, seriously, make it, it was so good.

And there's my version of a few of Zirbirt's recipes... I don't imagine I'll do this for every recipe I recreate or we'll end up with way too many duplicates, but I thought that a roundup was somewhat worthwhile.

Next up I'll have an original creation of the crumbly and sweet variety.

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