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Bacon Wrapped Burgers

Having fun with bacon Cheeseburgers


Bacon Wrapped Burgers

by zirbirt

One of the things I love to do when cooking, is to just mix things up a bit. I don't know if this really added anything to the flavor or profile of my otherwise delicious bacon cheeseburgers, but it was fun to do, and made for a neat burger.

I started with 1/2 lb patties of 80/20 ground beef. I didn't add anything to the beef, just patted it into a nice ball then flattened it into a nice patty. Then put a bit of salt and pepper on top.

Next I took 4 slices of thick cut bacon for each burger. I laid the bacon out in a star shape, and set my patty right on top.

I added a chopped clove of garlic and handful of sliced onion on the top of the burger.

Then I just folded the bacon over, and pressed it down to get it all nice and flat again.

Ok, so I figured if I tried to just cook this in the pan, what would happen is my bacon would end up burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. So, I decided to heat my pan up just like I would a normal burger, and just get a solid crisp on the outside bacon, then finish in the oven for a better cook.

So, I started from the folded side down (the side you see on top in the pic above, was down).

Then cooked each side for about 4-5 minutes.

Once that was done, I transferred the burger over to my wire baking rack, and tossed on another handful of onions (I like onions).

It needed a bit more love, so I also tossed on a liberal handful of cheese.

This went into my 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

While it was baking, I mixed some garlic with some mayonnaise and a little hot sauce with some ketchup. (the only toppings I felt this burger would need). I also chose to use onion Ciabatta rolls for this, because I new the wetness of it would be very high and figured chiabatta would handle that the best.

Once the cheese had a nice cook to it and the bacon looked well rendered, I plucked this from the oven.

Both sides of my rolls were given a layer of my garlic mayo, and the top was given a squirt of my ketchup.

The burger, I just moved onto the bottom roll.

Ok, I seriously wish I would have taken a pic of this cut in half or something. The burger was cooked perfectly, it was juicy, but not too juicy... the star though was the onions and garlic. With the inside onions on the bottom of the burger and the outside onions on the top, I ended up with an amazing onion profile that actually surprised me.

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