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This is a simple dish, again, Danish *cue the fanfare* that my grandmother always makes for me. It's really simple, tastes great, and isn't particularly expansive or something. It could be pretty good with holiday leftovers, so I thought I'd post it here. It's a very general recipe that you can make in many different ways by changing the vegetables, meat or sauce/broth you pour over it. It can be done vegetarian, bit then it's called brasekartofler, or at least a variation of it. Try pronouncing those two words ;)

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by Marian The M(?)


  • Some form of meat. Beef, chicken, pork, turkey... The only limitations are that it needs to not get tough and dry with frying, and that it's cut into pieces approximately the size of your thumb. Unless you're a kid, then two thumbs :) Leftover meat is very suitable for this. It needs to be cooked beforehand. For chicken fillet and other easily dry meats I recommend a soft frying on a thin pan with oil. Be careful to not overcook it, as it's getting some more time in the pan.
  • Potatoes, boiled beforehand. These will be the main part of the dish, so make sure you don't overcook them. They need to be peeled from the skin, and cut into pieces the size of the meat
  • Chopped onion from around two medium-sized ones
  • Other vegetables. Carrots are particularly good, but other roots, shallots, whatever you can find, can work. Onions, carrots, potatoes and pork are the traditional blend, but you can do what you will.
  • Some kind of broth or thin sauce. Vegetable broth is always good, but you can use whatever's around.

Fry the onions first. Add potatoes and other vegetables after need. Add meat last. Once everything is nice and mixed together, add the broth. Around half a liter usually works. Leave it on low heat if you have the time to let it steam off on it's own, or medium if you're in a hurry. Remember to keep turning it so nothing gets burned. Once almost all the moisture is gone, take off heat and enjoy! Goes great with fried eggs.

Marian The M(?)
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