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Taco Tuesday: Grilled Soft Tacos

Every Wednesday, I am going to post my taco Tuesday creations. These are not some elaborate fancy meal, just basic meals I make for my family.

This week, I bring you Grilled Soft Tacos.

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Taco Tuesday: Grilled Soft Tacos

by zirbirt

My wife was taking a look at this site, and asked me why I don't post more of the daily meals I make. My reply was, well I don't want to post just basic stuff that has no real point... I want my postings to either help inspire people or show off something I'm happy with.. Most basic dinners are just kinda.. basic. She then gave me that look, and said "I think there are lots of fancy recipes out there.. I think getting people to share what they make everyday would help the most. Then people can share ideas of what to feed their families"

As usual, I think she is right.. so without further ado, my most un impressive.. taco dinner.

You will need:

1-2 lbs ground beef (80/20 preferred, but whatever you have)
taco seasoning (recipe below or a premade)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 Onion
Shredded cheese

small flour tortillas
toppings to taste, I usually just go with sour cream

for bonus round, 2 Tbs hot sauce

To begin heat a medium sauce pan over medium heat... then add the hamburger meat. Sprinkle the meat with kosher salt, and cook till fully browned.

Now, drain the meat and place it in something else for a little while. (or you will need a second saucepan). I use a metal strainer, and leave the meat in the strainer for this step.

Put the empty pot back on the stove and over medium heat, dice 1 onion and toss it in the pan.. heat till the onions starts to turn translucent. Then add 1 can diced tomatoes (juice and all).

Then add your taco seasoning.

Ok, if your still with me, your probably wondering what the heck I am doing? Well.. this method adds a lot more flavor to the taco fillings, but also gives you a pretty decent taco sauce at the same time.. Bear with me...

So, heat this concoction up till it just begins to boil... and add the meat back in.

You will notice that the liquid covers most of the meat.. but not quite all.. So you will want to stir it about every couple of minutes.. but bring the temp to low, and let it cook for about 15 mins....

In the mean time, lets prep our grilling area. First you will need a skillet so, get that and put it on the stove. I will be using my trusty cast iron griddle for this.. When you heat it, you will use a medium heat and let it get warmed up before using. Depending on the type of skillet your using you may need to use a little cooking spray.

You will also need your other goodies:

You might notice the empty squeeze bottle in the image above.. Well, here is a trick.. I put my sour cream into that bottle.

If you do not own a few of these, get them.. they are like $1 and GREAT for many many things. First note that I cut the tip of the bottle, the further down you cut it, the bigger the opening.. So I cut it to get a bigger opening. Now, when I need to add sour cream to a hot taco, I can just squeeze it in evenly.. instead of fiddling with a spoon.

Ok.. so now that our filling is done, and we have our stuff.. lets drain that meat again.

This time, we are going to put our strainer over a bowl, to catch that yummy sauce that will be leaving our meat mixture... Why? well, since we already drained most the fat from the meat.. what is pouring off is an amazing collection of tomato, onion, and flavor.. In my opinion this beats ANY taco sauce you can buy over the counter... and.. you can add a little hot sauce to it to spice it up if you would like.

Ok, so now.. we are finally ready to start grilling our tacos...

Note: You have to do this part kind quick to avoid burning or hardening the tortilla before you fold it.

1. lay as many tortillas as comfortably fit in the pan down.. and let them warm up.

2. Using tongs, flip the tortilla over and place a pile of cheese right in the middle of it...

3. place about 2-3 Tbsp of the meat filling on top of the cheese.

4. Using tongs, fold the tortilla.

So.. now we should have something that looks like this.. Cook it on one side.. then flip it with a spatula and cook on the other side.

Then transfer them to a plate, and Squirt in your sour cream or whatever other toppings you want in there.

To accompany this, I just heated some frozen corn.. Then just took a can of refried beans, and heated it with about 1/2 a sautéed onion, and some salt.. then put my taco sauce from above over the beans.

Its not exciting.. but we did enjoy it.

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