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Spice Bread

First time making bread? Why not recreate the first cooking recipe you get in World of Warcraft?

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Spice Bread

by Razwick

My cooking skill has increased to level 2!

So, I decided to participate in Zirbirt's bake your own bread challenge (even if I'm a little late), and finally take the plunge to make bread for the first time. It was shockingly simple, enough so that it felt a touch patronizing when my mother in law felt the need to get all excited that I finally made bread, something she does on a regular basis.

Ehem. Anyway.

So I just used Zirbirt's great, simple white bread recipe that can be found here, so I won't bother listing the ingredients or basic instructions here. This is gonna be a short post.

I wanted to do something WoW related, and for lack of better ideas, and since it's my first attempt to translate a WoW recipe into real life, I thought it was pretty appropriate to do spice bread for this. Apparently spice bread is actually not something that people really make, as googling that term just got me the WoWhead page for the game recipe, and a ton of results for pumpkin spice bread.

Anyway, considering that the WoW recipe just includes 'mild spices' that's exactly what I decided to use! I think that I could definitely have used more of the spices that I picked, considering their mildness. I sort of just shook my spice bottles over the dough a bit, so if I were actually going to put my recommendation into numbers I suppose I'd end up with something like this:

2 Tablespoons of basil, oregano, and garlic powder.
Parsley sprinkled on top more for looks than taste, add until you like the look

I actually made one regular loaf of bread with half of that bread recipe, and the spice bread with the other half, so if you're splitting it up like that, use one tablespoon instead. Add the spices before/during the initial kneading stage for best effect.

Despite the thumbnail in WoW being a regular shaped loaf, I decided to be fun and interesting, so after the first rise was finished, I rolled the dough into a long string about an inch and a half thick, and then twisted it on the pan so it would be a bit more of an interesting shape. Note that it decided to be all springy and just get kind of fat again after I laid it down, despite multiple attempts to make it a thinner and longer loaf.

After this, I used Zirbirts egg wash (egg yolk and 2 tbsp of water) to make the crust a little chewier and to give the parsley something to stick to. Then it was time for the second rise.

I was not expecting how ridiculously huge this was going to get, so that was sort of cool to watch. I did end up sprinkling on a little extra parsley while I was waiting for the oven to heat up because the rising had made the coverage a little spotty.

I baked it along with the regular loaf for about 25 minutes, and ended up very pleased with the result!

So... simple, but great for a first experience with bread making, and it makes really great garlic bread!

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