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New Features - Leveling, Badges, Themes and more

There have been a lot of new features added recently, as well as a lot of tweaks and fixes. Posters will now find that they earn experience and levels by posting, and can earn badges and access to special posting themes by participating in challenges and events.

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New Features - Leveling, Badges, Themes and more

by zirbirt

You probably noticed a little level icon in the writer box. That is the new leveling system added for posters. The site is called cooking skillups, so being able to skill up and level just seems to make sense.. Now you can. Top level right now is 10.. but I will be adding more levels soon.

Registration earns you 100 exp.. and each posting (once validated) will earn you 100 exp.. Challeneges will have bonus experience, which may vary... and there will be special events and other ways to earn experience.

Also, badges have been added. These are little icons that will show with your postings. You will earn these in challenges, and events.. They just kinda say.. 'I did that!'.. You also get a badge for completing your first posting (once validated).

Themes.. I am still working on the designs for basic themes, so right now everyone is stuck with my ugly cutting board theme... but hopefully I will be adding in actual basic themes soon.. but the June Challenge does offer you a custom theme for participating. To use a theme (once you have access to more than 1).. you just select it in the theme dropdown on your posting editor.

I also made the category name more prominent on the listing page as well as on the posting... and limited the listing to only show the top 10 posts, and added an view more button to show more posts. The My account section has also been updated, and the edit button is now much more visible for postings.. there is now a counter to let you know how many times a posting has been viewed.

Sadly I have not gotten around to the bio yet. It is coming.

Also, I am working on a recipe card database system, that will let registered users enter in recipes.. search recipes, create their own cookbook listing of favorite recipes, and print or view them in simple recipe format. I do not know when I will have this in beta form.. but the answer I have is.. Soon.

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