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Monday Catch up for June 22nd

Catch up on what has been happening in the news and on the site in the last week. Post your questions or suggestions here as well.

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Monday Catch up for June 22nd

by zirbirt

Egg Prices Skyrocket

Anyone who has gone to the grocery store this week might have noticed a huge jump in the price of eggs. They just about doubled around here. This is due a an avain flu outbreak which pretty much killed production for many Midwestern egg suppliers. If you want more info, you can check here:

DR Cavity

Thanks to my excessive postings of very sugary sweets, ValenceMagi has declared me Dr Cavity a conceived super villain from an ADA sponsored television special. I'm actually ok with this, and look forward to doing as much damage as I can. The offending posts are all over.. but I particularly like the Twinkie cakes.

Pork Chops!

Valencemagi, has posted an excellent write up on how to make a nice Pan Seared Pork Chop. You can check out his, as ever humorous explanation here.

The Site

I made a few changes to listings and some minor style tweaks, but other than that not much new going live this week. I have actually been working on the new recipes section and should have that coming out in the near future. I keep pushing bios back, which might seem a little crazy because they seem so simple.. but I actually want them to be cooler than that, so I'm holding off until I get inspiration on how I want to do them.

Don't Forget: June Cooking Challenge

The month is almost over (where did it go?)... and the My little brownies challenge is waiting for you. Remember just entering the challenge will earn you extra experience, a badge and access to the pony theme. Come on, we want to see what kind of brownies you can make.

I will be posting my attempt at this challenge later today.. but here is a sneak peak(unless its after I posted it, in which case its the actual link ;-)

Got Questions, Suggestions or Problems?

Please post them below. I want this site to grow with this community and I want to make sure it is something people can use. So please share your thoughts or ideas below.

Thanks for Reading! Have a great week!

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