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Ultimate Ham and Egg Sandwich

Leftover ham, always means I get to enjoy ham and eggs... but I like it just a little different than the norm.

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Ultimate Ham and Egg Sandwich

by zirbirt

So I have all this leftover ham, but just eating ham sandwiches all the time isn't all that exciting. I do, however, have an old favorite that goes great with that ham... Ultimate Breakfast Sandwiches!

I made up these sandwiches some time back out of curiosity, and after making it, I knew it had to be a thing. There is no way something this simple and this amazingly good isn't a thing. Well, I couldn't find it as thing, though I'm still sure many people had to have tried this. So, if it isn't a thing, lets make it a thing.. because.. It really is that good.. and takes about 10 minutes to make.

I start the party off by heating up my griddle (a large skillet will work), and getting a few slices of ham started up.

Next, I am going to take 2 slices of sourdough (any sliced bread will do), and butter 1 side of each piece.

Then I grab a round cutter (or a glass, or a cup) that is a bit smaller than the bread. I then simply cut a hole in the middle of each slice.

When it's time to flip my ham, I flip it... then..

I lay each piece of bread on the pan butter side up.

I crack 1 egg into each of the holes. Then dash in some salt and pepper.

I let that cook for a few minutes.. Then I flip just 1 of the slices of bread.

On that, I lay some cheese, then the ham, and finally some more cheese.

Now, I just pick up the other slice, without flipping it, and set it on top of the entire sandwich.

When I feel the underside is cooked, I just flip the entire sandwich like I would a grilled cheese.

Note: I butter and grill the cutouts as well, you can see part of one at the top of the above picture.

Once both sides are cooked, I put this on a plate along with the grilled cutouts.

and I slice it open, letting the golden goodness ooze.

And there you have it.. my ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Hope you enjoyed this posting!

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