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Chori-Chicken Pizza Pie

I was planning on making Mexican Lasagna for Taco Tuesday. Then there was all this talk about Chicago style pizza.. So I wondered what would happen if I made a chori-chicken Chicago style pizza. So, I tried it..

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Chori-Chicken Pizza Pie

by zirbirt

Sometimes you never know how something will turn out till you try. I personally am not afraid to experiment and try new things in the kitchen. They rarely come out perfect on the first try, but usually give a good idea as to whether I want to perfect the concept or just ditch it as not fixable. Sometimes they lead to some really awesome stuff. So I always promote chasing ideas... this is one of those ideas.

The plan was to make Mexican lasagna, a dish I know very well, and am very happy with. It was a solid plan, till around 4:30pm where I got inundated with talk and images of pizza.. which led me to wanting pizza. This want for pizza made me ponder, what would happen if I combined my Mexican lasagna with pizza... and since the planned version of my Mexican lasagna happened to be chicken, it all kinda came together in my mind.

My first question was, what kind of pizza. I figured kinda like Chicago style, but with much higher walls, to hold all the meat. I don't have a nice 14" Chicago style pizza pan, but I do have a couple of nice 12" cake pans, and they happen to have pretty high sides. So, I decided to use these.

I began by making my normal bread dough and separating it into 2 pieces, on that is about 1/3 of the dough and the other that is 2/3 of the dough. The smaller one, I just put in my second pan and made a normal pepperoni pizza (for my son).

I know, I forgot to take a pic of the finished baked product.. but trust me, it looked like any other pizza.

On the other 12" cake pan... I lubed it generously with olive oil, and put the larger dough ball in there.. then spread it out and brought the sides all the way up:

I then set this aside, and started my chicken.

Yet again, I have some of those gigantic mutant chicken breasts from Xavier's institute of Mutant Poultry.. I split them in half then sprinkled on some salt and my general Mexican seasoning.

I also grabbed a couple chorizo sausages. You know, I always found it funny, Chorizo almost always comes in a casing but I have never cooked it in the casing. I always split the casing and extract the meat. Most people I know who cook with chorizo, and most restaurants seem to do the same. So why the casing? Well.. I'm cooking it in the casing today, finally my world makes sense.

Anyhow, I put all of that on a heated griddle and let it cook

Flip when appropriate

While that is cooking, I head over to my food processor and toss in: 1 onion, 1 can tomatoes, some cilantro, some green chilies and a bit of salt. Then blitz.

NOTE: I blitzed, and made it more sauce like thinking that would work better. I think, if I did this again, I would make it more of a pico.. meaning less liquid, bigger chunks and put it on after the cook is complete.

So, once the chicken is done, I cut it into pretty big chunks, and sliced my chorizo once that is done as well.

Now, finally, back to my crust. I drop a generous helping of cheese.

Then Dump in my chicken

and some of my chorizo, then all of my salsa, then the rest of my chorizo.

Then throw the whole thing in a 400 degree oven for about 30 mins. (after about 20 mins, I decided, on a whim, I wanted more cheese on top, so I tossed it in there).

The results... a little bit wet.. (from the salsa).. very loose, also from the salsa.. but very tasty. Now I just need to make it pretty.

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