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Potato Bacon Soup

A simple soup for when you need a hearty supper that leaves great leftovers.

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Potato Bacon Soup

by Razwick

Potato Bacon Soup!

So, for my first adventure into food blogging territory, I've decided to make something I've made and decided I like several times already. One, so that I can't screw up spectacularly, and two, so I can share something that I think is pretty darn tasty with you, the people of The Internet.

Now, this recipe is more of a suggestion than an actual recipe, and I've made it extremely simple at times, and more complicated at others. I'll give you a base idea of the way I usually make it, and then a list of suggestions and substitutes that you can use to make it the way that you think is best. I've gone pretty light on the spices to keep it simple, and avoided making it some gourmet soup you'll have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive ingredients for. Also, I'm pretty sure I've never once bothered to measure anything with this recipe, but I'll try and give a rough approximation of amount of ingredients and how much soup it should make.

For this particular round of soup making, I went even simpler than I usually do because sometimes you're just too broke to go buy potatoes that don't make sad wrinkly little faces at you when you pull them out of the bag.

With all that said, here's what you'll need for the usual recipe, which should make about 8-12 bowls, or feed two people for about 3 days, eating nothing but soup for lunches and suppers. What?! It's really tasty!

      1. 6-10 medium sized potatoes
      2. One onion, diced
      3. Approx. 2 cups of corn nibblets
      4. One pack of the bacon of your choice (half if you're feeling healthy that day)
      5. Two or three cups of chicken broth
      6. One-ish cup of milk or cream
      7. Garlic powder or salt
      8. Salt if you just used garlic powder

Suggestions and Substitutes:

1) If you don't have chicken broth, I have used cans of cream of chicken soup to great effect. 2) Using fresh minced garlic instead of garlic powder works just as well ifyou happen to have some, or feel like splurging for fresh ingredients. I've found little jars of minced garlic that work excellently, and save you the annoyance of squishing a clove of garlic through one of the obnoxious contraptions known as a garlic press.

3) If you decided to use canned soup instead of broth, you can, if you choose, replace the milk/cream with water instead.

4) For added greens and spice, I've tossed in some dried parsley in the past which added a pleasant flavour and colour to the soup.

5) If you wish, you could easily replace half of the onion with chopped green onions.

6) I've also made this soup with farmer (pork) sausage in the past, and that allowed for larger chunks of meat, and was equally pleasant, but didn't have that bacony kick.

And now, to get cooking! Directions:

1) Gather your ingredients, be sure to forget something like I did, the garlic powder is a great option, but feel free to forget any ingredient your heart desires

2) Dice your onions, cry profusely,keep tissues handy for any resulting nose-blowing required

3) Peel and chop the potatoes into cubes, I usually aim for about squares about a 3/4" across, but ultimately it doesn't really matter much. I've done this leaving the skins on the potatoes as well, it's up to you how much and what kind of texture you want in the soup.

4) If you're as slow as I am at chopping things, about halfway through chopping potatoes is the time you're going to want to pour yourself a nice glass of wine. Yum!

5) While you are still chopping potatoes, pawn the task of slicing bacon off on your significant other! They're much faster at this than you would be anyway, really, it's a great time saver. The size of the bacon is up to you depending on how much chewing you feel like doing. I tend to cut the strips into slices about a quarter inch thick.

6) Alright, now that all of your cutting, dicing and chopping is complete, heat up your pot, toss the bacon in, and fry it! You may choose to fry the bacon in a pan if you'd like it to be a little crispier or if you want to drain the fat off the bacon once it's cooked, for some silly reason.

7) Once the bacon is fried and in the pan, toss in the onions and the corn to cook those a little, and if you're using frozen corn nibblets like I do,thaw them out.

8) When you're content with the state of the onions and corn, add your potatoes, and the broth and cream, or the canned soup, depending on what you're using. You can allow this to heat up and cook for a while if you'd like, or you can go ahead and fill the rest of the pot with water until it's at the amount of soup you'd like to end up with. Now is also the time to stir in the garlic powder, salt, and any spices you'd like to add to the mixture. That is, unless you completely forget like I usually do, at which point feel free to add them in the next step!

9) Boil/simmer the soup mixture for 20-35 minutes, or until the potatoes are easy to skewer with a fork.

10)Optional 10thstep! If you're like me and prefer to have a nice, thick texture to cream soups like this, take a potato masher, and pulverize the potatoes until they are very small chunks, and there's a nice potato slurry throughout the mixture.

11) Serve and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this soup as much as I do, feel free to share suggestions for things you like to add to your soup, there's always ways to add to and improve a recipe like this!

- Razwick

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